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Jennifer Mesaris Staff Photo

Jennifer Mesaris began her teaching career in 1998 at the AUM Speech and Hearing Clinic, she served speech and language impaired students from age two to adult. She then went to work with Montgomery Public Schools as a Speech Pathologist in 2005-2015, where she served preschool to junior high school students. Jennifer graduated from AUM with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Pathology/Audiology and then returned to school to receive a master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education. Jennifer began working at Pike Road Elementary School in the preschool special education/preschool speech pathologist role and helped develop and implement the inclusive preschool for special needs children and typically developing children in Pike Road, “P.O.P.P.I.E”. She continues to serve our preschool special education students and our preschool speech students. She has lived in Pike Road for eight years with her husband and their two children.